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www.kwkly.com is a Real-Estate website for property sale or buys inside the USA. For each buyer in kwkly, there is a sms will be sent to the buyer with a message of property information. And also there is an bidding functionality is available for users for sending users advertisement .Bidder can bid zip code wise, city wise, county wise, state wise or nation wise. Bidding process is depends on no of listings available on the zip code. Bidder can see the winning states from what I have won tab or via map. It’s shown Winning County in color and rest counties in white. Billing can be generating after a month.

Past 6 month billing information is displayed in reporting. After winning bidder can receive an email alert how many listings he won. Sms will be sent to buyer with property information and high bidder advertisement message.

Environment:     Visual Studio .Net 2008, .Net Framework 3.5, C#.Net, ADO.Net, Sql Server 2005
Industry:     RealEstate

US Job Career


www.usjobcareer.com is a leading job search website in India, which includes the fresher jobs in India and vacancies in Indian cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore etc. Register as a Job seeker and login, you can post your resumes, search jobs, apply jobs, receive job alerts. Register as an employer and login, you can post jobs, search resumes, download the resumes.

Environment:     Visual Studio .Net 2008, .Net Framework 3.5, C#.Net, ADO.Net, Sql Server 2005
Industry:     Job site



www.lovendar.com A site which has 3 features as online calendar,sms and products. online calendar provides alert for important days and events. By sms user can receive newsletters and future updates, Products will provide love tips, and partner can gift a lovendar product as the sign of love on his/her partner. User can generate their personal profile by answering the questionnaire asked by Lovendar.com. As well the person who is registering with Lovendar.com can gift their partner’s registration from that itself lovendar starts to develop the love between the partners. Once partners registered, frequently they will receive love tips to their Mobile through SMS. And each other can know their better half’s mind and wish through Lovendar.com.

Environment:     PHP,Smarty framework,Apache server,Java Script,Ms-Sql,AJAX
Industry:     Dating & E-Commerce



www.medicalinfo247.com is a family oriented personal health record storage tool set allowing you and your family to input and store vital medical information to be accessed anytime and anywhere in the world or in the event of a medical emergency. Having access or giving access to critical health information such as medications,physician contact information ,medical procedures,latest lab results The following slides will provide some of the services we provide that will assist you and your family in managing your future health * Online Health management Tool * Alerting * Nutritional Health * Share information within our forum.

Environment:     Visual Studio .Net 2005, .Net Framework 2.0, Asp. Net, ADO. Net, Sql Server 2005,Flash
Industry:     Medical

Dating My Partner


www.datingmypartner.com is a Free Online dating and matchmaking service for singles. Users can search romantic personals with pictures and post their own free profile to make a connection with their dating partner. This search can be done in 3 ways known as quick search, advanced search and ideal search. Users can send mail to other user who are their favorite and perfectly matched for dating, and an user can mark a personal who are already member in datingmypartner.com as his/her favorite and that profiles are maintained through a favorite list. This site having forum, blog and events sectors. By using forums users can share their matrimonial and dating events with others also. In Blog page user can post their comments on site administrator’s post. In events page the recent events are posted on different categories such as music, festivals, movies and events.

Environment:     PHP,Java Script,Ms-Sql,AJAX
Industry:     Dating

NU Design


www.nudesigninc.com is a Our fine service and craftsmanship offers you the distinct sophistication elegance to match any style and personality,At nu design we can provide custom kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities,closet organization systems,medical ,dental office casework,store fonts and show cases,convenience store and gas stations etc. We are committed to providing you with outstanding services and meticulous attention to detail during the past two decades ,Nu design has always strives for improvement of quality ,customer satisfaction & innovative solutions to stay competitively priced in the market.

Environment:     PHP,Java Script,Ms-Sql,AJAX
Industry:     Wholesale and Retail

Smart Project Manager


www.smartprojectmanager.com is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requirement and deadlines. That’s been said, project management can be summarized as; the accomplishments through the application and integration of multiple processes such as; initiating, planning, monitoring, and controlling and closing of activities. The expecting tasks of managing a project includes, but not limited to:
  Menu Arrow Establishing clear and achievable objectives
  Menu Arrow Balancing the competing demands for quality, scope, time and cost
  Menu Arrow Adapting the specifications, plan and approach to the different concerns and expectation of various

Environment:     PHP,Java Script,Ms-Sql,AJAX
Industry:     Project management service



cic-wireless.com cards are rechargeable, so you do not have to buy a new calling card to save money on your domestic and international phone calls. Just recharge your phone card online, anytime. Cic-Wireless now offers an automatic recharge option. Automatic recharge allows YOU to determine the specified amount that your Cic-Wireless phone card is recharged when your balance drops below your recharge level. Your credit card on record will also be charged at this time. By opting to use the automatic recharge feature, your calling card account automatically recharges when your balance gets low so you can make that important call when you need to. A manual recharge option is also available. To recharge your Cic-Wireless phone card, log into your account, go to Recharging Options and follow the simple instructions.

Environment:     PHP,Java Script,Ms-Sql,AJAX
Industry:     project management service



www.jdn2.com If you are a professional recruiter, hiring manager, or job advertising administrator, ACCESS to the JDN² Community™ is free. There are no set-up fees, hidden charges or “gotcha’s”. Once you request to join, you will be contacted to set-up your account. Suddenly, the opportunity to effortlessly post your open positions online is right before you. SETTING-UP your account takes 10-15 minutes, assisted by a JDN² Client Support Staff member. We want all of your information to be complete and accurate.....and for you to know how to maximize the incredible power of the JDN². ENTERING criteria for each open position through the JDN² is a one-time-only process. Regardless of which job board is selected within the JDN² Community™ of Job Boards, you will never have to re-format your job to match new criteria.

Environment:     PHP,Java Script,Ms-Sql,AJAX
Industry:     project management service

Educational Flash Games


www.Tareassimpaticas.com The teacher should be able to pick a game she would like to load herself, and see an easy to use menu to help her fill in each blank. Example: The teacher would like to make a cross word puzzle, she picks crossword puzzle on the website, and she can put in her Clues, and Answers. She will push a “Create” button, and the Crossword puzzle will be created for her.
Our Published Games:
Quiz,Word search,Matching,Conjugating practice,Fill-in with drop downs,Hangman,Picture Perfect,video clip plays,Flash Cards,Crossword,Jumbled words

Environment:     Flash ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0,XML,PHP,Java Script
Industry:     Games

The Storm Door Guy


www.stormdoorguy.com provides complete information about Storm doors and installation procedures. On page Optimization as well as Off page optimization has been done to this site by SentientIT in order to bring this website to top in major search engines and good traffic among visitors. In On page optimization the title, Meta keyword, Meta description has been analyzed and given to the website whereas in Off page optimization, quality links from blogs, articles, social bookmarking, craigslist, kijiji posting, directory submission has been done.

Environment:     Blogs, Articles, Social Bookmarking
Industry:     SEO
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