KWKLY Mobile Solutions(Ft Lauderdale, FL 33301)

KWKLY Mobile Solutions based in Ft. Lauderdale. KWKLY's interactive testing logic that allowed any property to be searched using the same generic rider sign instead of requiring realtors to use unique codes for each property. KWKLY made a commitment early on that the consumer experience would drive the development of mobile services for real estate. The service had to be simple and easy to use. KWKLY began rapidly gaining momentum by appearing at 5 conferences in 2008 and sponsoring the Real Trends Marketing and Technology Expo in Denver. By streamlining all processes, KWKLY’s services are by far the most inexpensive in the industry.

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JDN2(Addison,Texas 75001)

JDN2, LLC, USA Today, there is no e-recruitment standard format for the posting of jobs to job boards. Every job board is unique and as a result, tens of thousands of man-hours are wasted (and revenue lost) each year by employers and job boards because manual intervention is required during the job posting process, as jobs need to be tailored to meet the specifications of each job board. Sector source, one of the few approved Sun application developer partners in the world, has developed software that automates the job posting process, requiring only one brief data entry session, through one single point of entry, to post and manage content on all of the major job boards (Monster, Career Builder, HotJobs, Dice & CareerMVP). With over 1,500 career website in 750 U.S. cities & all 50 states, within the U.K., Australia and Canada, covering most industries, CareerMVP owns the most geographically extensive network of job boards in the world. As a value-added service offering of the JDN², it provides a competitive advantage in getting its clients more positions into every conceivable geographic area of the country and into the search engines, directories and job posting engines. It also makes it easier for applicants to search for jobs and for employers to target their recruitment advertising, while ensuring that recruitment advertising is placed in the highest priority position of the targeted site.

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  Lovendar International(Chicago, IL 60614-2214)

Lovendar International is a privately held company that develops products to enhance romantic relationships. We believe that technology's greatest promise is to improve lives and that tools originally developed for business and finance may be equally if not more powerful when applied to benefit personal growth and stronger relationships.
Most people might think that being romantic is easy, but lack the time or consistent effort required to nurture and grow powerful personal relationships. Despite our best efforts, we often fail to come up with special, unexpected surprises for our loved one. Or we spend too much money on a gift because we ran out of time to do something more original and less expensive. With all of today's modern distractions, it's no wonder that many well-meaning, would-be romantics are left empty-handed with good intentions but no real actions to improve their relationships.

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  American Eagle dba Teacher’s Discovery

Teacher's Discovery has been in the business for over 25 years and is a division of American Eagle Co. Inc. We have been the leader in providing high quality, fun, and affordable educational supplemental materials in the following areas: foreign languages, English, social studies, and science.

Our belief is that learning can and should be fun. Teacher's Discovery provides supplemental classroom materials and service with a smile. We stand confidently and totally behind everything we sell. We guarantee one hundred percent or your money back. It's that simple. We promise a full refund if you are not completely satisfied at any time. We want to hear from you. Many of the ideas for our classroom tested materials come from your suggestions and shared ideas and needs. Please send us feedback about our Web site, our catalog, or anything else that you would like to share. Describe projects that you are working on, or share stories about you and your peers. We are interested to hear from you. Are you going to be in the Auburn Hills, Michigan area? Stop in and say hi. Give us a call to get directions. If you can make it around noon, we would love to serve up a not so elegant, but very fun, "Big Mac" working lunch, and give you a tour of our facilities.

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  Cic-wireless(Canada, Manitoba R3G 0B8)

Canadian International Communication came into existence 1n 1997 as a service provider in the area of telecommunications. We have expanded since then to be one of the best provider of telecommunication services in North America. Our head office is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba and, our agents are located all across Canada. The company is dedicated to provide high quality products and services in the following broad areas:

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  American Med Tech Solutions(USA)

American Med Tech Solutions Specializes in bringing information management technology and customized solutions to the private and public Sector. With over to decades of experience in the technology field we combine technical savvy, proven business process and reliable applications to bring partial solutions to our clients.
American Med Tech Solutions was founded on the principles of helping doctors and their patients achieve their needs through the use of technology. American mid tech solutions believes we can provide the ability for our clients to make intelligent decisions and at the same time make life easier for them and their loved ones.

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