Rich Internet Application

RIAs are implemented into a working system to provide better satisfactory results to all visitors. Examples of RIA frameworks include Adobe Flex / AIR, Java / JavaFX and Microsoft Silverlight.

Benefits of Rich Internet Application (RIA):

Menu Arrow Cost Deployment Model An RIA normally runs inside a Web browser and usually does not require software installation on the client side to work. However, some RIAs may only work properly with one or more specific browsers. For security purposes, most RIAs run their client portions within a special isolated area of the client desktop called a sandbox.

Menu Arrow Rich User Experience If you have a customized website development experience, users can easily update a part of the page rather than completing the entire page.

Menu Arrow Faster response as compared to primitive web application These applications helps in reducing the congestion thus, improving the performance level.

Menu Arrow Cross platform One distinguishing feature of an RIA (in contrast to other Web-based applications) is that the client engine that intermediates between the user and the application server. The client engine downloads when the RIA launches.

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