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SentientIT services extend over a pretty large realm right from small brochure based website to online product catalogs and e-commerce websites. We help your business have a professional appearance online.

Present day competition inspired most of the big business houses to have timely generation of reports feature. We at SentientIT understand this requirement and feel proud that we have team of experts who have expertise on the concept of generating clear and crisp report matching your future aims. If you have any sort of problem or need our experts help in platforms mentioned below, then feel free to consult on any of the described software,SentientIT Program. We also take integration work related to mentioned technologies for the existing web application.

Web Development:

We have extensive web design and web skills blended with the quality essence of expertise to help you establish your Internet presence or take it to the next level. This involves developing the functionality and navigation of the basic site, graphics and finally formatting and loading the content to the actual site.

We offer diverse, best products and services with flexible options that enable you to utilize your own strengths and in-house capabilities to build custom sites.

Development Phases:

Reasons to work with SentientIT for web applications:

1. Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) Experts:


SentientIT provides better Search Engine Optimization strategies. The involvement of latest search engine optimization techniques in the creation of the websites that we commit makes it possible for us to guarantee those websites the highest probability of coming up top in the search engine listings.

2. SentientIT Offer These packages:  

Menu Arrow  Search engine optimization package
Menu Arrow  Affordable CMS package
Menu Arrow  Affordable website with CMS
Menu Arrow  Dotnetnuke based CMS website
Common Features of all packages:
Menu Arrow  SEO Friendly structure for better rankings in search engine
Menu Arrow  HTML and XML Site-map creation for all sites.
Menu Arrow  Table / Table Less Design.

3. Web Redesigning:

As technology keeps on changing, it is necessary to use new technologies in your Web site, otherwise your site will begin to look and act old very quickly. If your company or brand needs a revamp, a custom website redesign is a great way to give it a whole new look and feel. A superb quality with professional attire for your entire site, allows your site to be more competitive online. Our Web redesigning can be an imperative step towards success in business. SentientIT provides complete Web redesign with the work of creativity, quality, and website popularity at very affordable price.

Why Web Redesigning?
Menu Arrow  Changes in your business, for example new products or price
Menu Arrow  Re-empower using Technology and trends
Menu Arrow  SEO friendly
Menu Arrow  Revamps Overall Web Strategy
4. Content Management System (CMS): 

SentientIT's Content Management System, Site Management, is a user friendly, browser-based web system that allows non technical staff with no programming knowledge to manage the site's content. All website content is inputted through a secure browser interface, accessible from any computer with Internet connectivity. Site Management accommodates multiple user levels to protect data integrity and maximise administrative efficiency. Site Management integrates a set of custom designed templates that enable staff to focus on page content writing and formatting, rather than navigation and design layouts. This preserves design consistency (fonts, colors, styles and sizes) and ensures that corporate style guidelines are maintained.

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